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Owen Sarwatka Foundation provides grants to educational and scientific nonprofit organizations that value courage, compassion, and conservation.

The Owen Sarwatka Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Private Foundation that provides grants to nonprofit organizations. It was established in 2022 with a charitable endowment from the Sarwatka Family in memory of their 27-year-old son Owen who passed away on April 17th, 2022. Owen was always a community-minded young man, and righting the injustices he saw was a mission that guided him his entire life. Owen left an amazing legacy for us all and has touched the hearts of so many people. He showed kindness, empathy, and compassion to people that were hurting; generosities to people that were in need; forgiveness to people before they hurt him; and, shared his unconditional love for all that knew him.

The Owen Sarwatka Foundation was inspired by his love and strength. We will let his courage and compassion be our guiding light, and we will strive every day to share his blessings and encourage everyone to become better people by following his example.

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Our Beliefs

The Owen Sarwatka Foundation believes that the virtues of Courage and Compassion and the promotion of Environmental Conservation are the cornerstones that are essential in ensuring our future prosperity.

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Courage, Compassion, Conservation: Owen Sarwatka Foundation

The Owen Sarwatka Foundation recognizes that Courage is a primary characteristic needed by future leaders in our community. We nurture those who display courage, integrity, and conviction to principles, values, and beliefs. Mental and moral courage ensure that people act on their ethical values to help others in times of crisis; to do the right thing even when it is unpopular; to keep an open mind and a willingness to learn; and to live life with a purpose, meaning and with dignity.


The Owen Sarwatka Foundation recognizes that Compassion is a selfless virtue, and it does not want or expect anything in return. Compassion removes judgment, shows concern for other people’s needs, and allows us to understand perspectives that are different from ours. Compassion learns and shows concern through action to develop a community of tolerance and appreciation.

Environmental Conservation

The Owen Sarwatka Foundation recognizes that Environmental Conservation is fundamental and that it encompasses caring about the environment, caring about others, caring about personal resources, and caring about pleasure and comfort. Environmental conservation protects and improves human lives and health. We believe that investing in the protection of our natural resources is essential to preserving our own health and future.

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About Owen

Owen Sarwatka had a unique gift of making a positive difference in the lives of those that knew him. He lived a life of empathy, kindness, and meaning, and encouraged everyone he met to work hard each day to become a better person. His life was filled with challenges, and a congenital birth defect led to 24 surgeries in 27 years. Despite his constant pain and anguish, Owen cherished the opportunity to demonstrate his ability to constantly move forward when life seemed to be filled with roadblocks and obstacles.

Our Missions

The Owen Sarwatka Foundation provides charitable grants to educational and/or scientific nonprofit organizations that will benefit members in our community. 

How Can I Help?

The Owen Sarwatka Foundation can only be successful with your help! Here is information on what you can do to help support our Foundations missions.


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